About The Fauji Group

Founded in 1954 under the Charitable Endowments Act 1890 as a Charitable Trust, the group was purposed to help provide welfare for ex-servicemen as well as their dependents.

Starting off as a humble venture, today, the Fauji Foundation runs more than 18 industries. 80 percent of the generated income from its business ventures is used for welfare activities in the fields of health care, employment, education, and activities at various training centers – serving roughly 9 million beneficiaries (5% of the country’s population) nationwide.

Currently the foundation operates 115 Medical Facilities, 100 Schools & Colleges, 65 Vocational Training Centers and 9 Technical Training Centers across the country.

Fauji Group

Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited

Fauji Fertilizer Company

Fauji Kabirwala Power Plant

Foundation Power Company Daharki Limited

FFBL Power Company Limited

Fauji Cereals

Foundation Gas

Fauji Cement Company Limited

Mari Petroleum Company Limited

Foundation Securities (pvt) Limited

Fauji Oil Terminal and Distribution Company Ltd

Fauji Maroc Phosphore

Askari Bank Limited

Askari Cement Limited

Fauji Meat Limited

Fauji Foods Limited